Helistrat Become Right Waste, Right Place Campaign Ambassador

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The Right Waste, Right Place campaign has been established by a group of sponsors including the ESA, the Environment Agency and CIWM to support and assist small businesses to meet their Duty of Care waste obligations.

Supporting this campaign as an ambassador, Helistrat will provide valuable expertise and insight, acting as a Champion, to raise awareness and educate businesses of the cause.

Every business that produces, transports, treats or disposes of waste has a responsibility to manage it properly. This has been the case since the Environment Protection Act became law in 1990.  The campaign is an excellent platform to boost awareness of waste and the associated legal compliance which is typically dealt with ‘at the back door’ so can be overlooked or marginalised. The result being a gap in understanding regarding the legalities.

Helistrat’s CEO Harvey Laud comments:

“Helistrat is a big advocate of sustainable waste management. We work closely with our customers at both a strategic and operational level to ensure legal and environmental waste compliance by engaging all of the stakeholders involved. We deliver educational programmes that create awareness and change behaviours towards one that promotes efficient waste management practices. It is not only important to protect our customers’ brand and protect them against prosecution, but also makes commercial and environmental sense.”

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