Helistrat Launch Sustainability Engagement Event for Staff

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Today, Tuesday 26th, we are holding an internal engagement day for our staff. The aim is to help everyone

  • Understand the Circular Economy
  • Learn how to embed sustainability into everyday business practices
  • Find out how resources are processed
  • Lead and influence behaviour and culture change
  • Balance financial, social and environmental value
  • Explore innovative ways to work more sustainably

In general people now have a greater understanding of recycling but this still seems to be limited to containers for waste. As a business we have a responsibility and obligation to look beyond this by considering the impact our decisions have, not only from a financial perspective but from an environmental and social one too. We are running a number of activities and workshops which help everyone unite together to deliver worthwhile value for our business and our customers’.

Further details on the day’s events will be released shortly.

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