Sustain Us Event 2017

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In aid of Recycle Week, we hosted a sustainability event for our staff. For us, it is crucial to maintain company wide engagement and embed sustainability into the hearts and minds of everyone that works for us. The event was aptly branded Sustain Us and the day included a number of workshops, speeches and activities.

We, like many other businesses, are on a sustainability journey. We know that to effectively manage resources we need to deliver a triple-bottom line impact on the environment, financial performance and society. It is important that these are balanced, however, often companies put too much emphasis on the financials only. To better enable and equip our teams to act, and make more sustainable decisions, we launched a few new schemes:


As a business we support a local charity each year (this year it is Piam Brown Ward). Over the past three years we have raised over £8,000 and hoping this year to hit the £10,000 mark – which is fantastic and a great achievement. But we want to do more than just raise money. We are committing to provide our teams with volunteering opportunities each year to support the local community.

Cutting Carbon

We installed an area in our office dedicated to sustainability. The area generates ideas and encourages discussion on how to become more sustainable as well as publicly challenging every single individual to cut their office printing and ultimately their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Fruit

We are providing sustainably sourced fruit for our teams, not only because this is good for wellbeing, but because it supports local fruit growers and reduces the need to buy produce that has travelled far and wide, using carbon in the process.

Internal Awards

Introducing sustainability related awards into our internal company updates will help everyone remain focused as well as instilling a bit of competition between teams.

Aside from the new schemes, Helistrat have revamped and launched their sustainability goals, strategy and policies. Leading by example and practicing what we preach is important and for our customers who trust us to deliver sustainability to their businesses, we need to ensure we are ahead of the curve with our own businesses sustainability.

Want to become more sustainable?

Our customers work with us to set realistic and achievable plans to reduce waste and improve resource efficiency, and ultimately realise their commercial, environmental and social benefits. If you are interested to learn how your business can become truly sustainable then get in touch, email our Head of Sustainability on

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