Helistrat Sponsors Mindfulness Workshop

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Today Helistrat is sponsoring an event at its Lakeside Office in Portsmouth. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, providing a different way to relate to your experience. By nature, we tend to take on too much, overthink and analyse everything. We spend a lot of our time reflecting on the past or planning for the future. By doing this we put ourselves under an immense amount of pressure, ever-striving for the perfect life and the perfect circumstances that will make us happy.

Speaker Steve Carter believes we’re all complete and whole, just as we are. There is so much content out there telling us that we need to change, become better, improve ourselves. This content plays on our habitual self-criticism and we start believing it.

During today’s session, Steve will explore delegates’ attitude towards themselves and discover the difference between nurturing and improving. They will also learn about the stress response, how it can manifest in our experience, and how everyone can manage stress levels more effectively. By cultivating self-awareness and acceptance we can build our emotional resilience, notice our habitual reactions and find the space to choose a different response.

Helistrat strongly advocates social well being in the workplace and in addition to supporting this event, workshops are being run for its staff.  The true meaning of a sustainable business is to balance financial, environmental and social value.