A Challenging Target

Cardif Pinnacle

Cardif Pinnacle is the UK insurance division of BNP Paribas banking group, a European leader in global financial services and one of the strongest banks in the world. Employing over 350 staff, the company is a leading specialist provider of protection, pet and gadget insurance.

In 2011 Cardif Pinnacle appointed Helistrat to help it deliver its challenging target of achieving zero to landfill while complying with ISO 14001 standards. Helistrat carried out a site analysis to fully understand the end-to-end process in order to streamline it.

The analysis highlighted some environmental compliance improvements, so a new policy and management system was developed. This resulted in full compliance for Cardif Pinnacle and environmental objectives and standards were met, additionally the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility credentials were strengthened, which improved confidence amongst its employees, customers , clients and the general public.

Helistrat introduced a new waste strategy with recycling points throughout the offices and restaurants. We reduced the number of waste receptacles to just two colour-coded bins for food and mixed dry recycling. We also brought compactors in to reduce the number of collections, while adhoc collections were made available for infrequent waste streams to reduce contamination of other bins.

An integral part of any change process is the engagement and buy in from staff. By using training for all staff, the new way of working was quickly embraced and embedded and the target to reach ‘zero to landfill’ was reached rapidly and with low cost.

Paul Bradley, Head of Corporate Services and Facilities at Cardif Pinnacle said: “Helistrat took no time at all to understand our business and develop a solution which ticked all the boxes for us; offering both environmental and commercial benefits. It was refreshing to work with a company with such an innovative and comprehensive approach. The implementation was thorough and thought out and its engagement programme really connected with staff, pretty much guaranteeing instant success. We achieved zero waste to landfill straight away with the new programme which was a fantastic result.”

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