Zero Waste to Landfill


Zero Waste to Landfill

To deliver M&S’s challenging target of zero waste to landfill ahead of schedule Helistrat examined the real requirements and re-engineered the processes making maximum use of the existing infrastructure. Stringent audit controls were implemented to ensure 100% genuine zero waste to landfill, ensuring nothing went to landfill.

The key was changing the way people thought and worked. Through a thorough programme of staff training and by paying attention to detail, identifying issues and providing creative solutions to the barriers the new way of working is now embedded in M&S. In addition, backhauling waste has resulted in a reduction in M&S’s carbon footprint and food waste, sent to anaerobic digestion has produced more than 5 million kilowatts of energy which goes into the National Grid and is bought back by M&S for its own use.

We achieved zero waste to landfill ahead of schedule for M&S and can do the same for you. Helistrat will continue to challenge conventional thinking within waste management solutions, cleaning and pest control and add value to our customers and the environment.

“Since 2009, in addition to efficiently managing M&S’s waste disposal, Helistrat has also generated income transforming it from a cost into a revenue.”

Mandy Keepax, Head of FM, Offices, Store cleaning, Waste and Pest Control, M&S

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