An Introduction from CEO Bernard Amos

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Welcome to my new blog in which I will give updates on the business and my thoughts and opinions on the markets in which we operate and the factors which influence them.

Firstly, I am delighted to be able to welcome you to the new Helistrat website, which not only offers more information on the company and our services, but also more accurately reflects our position as one of the most innovative companies in the resource management and FM sector.

Our business has developed a great deal in the last 5 years and this success has led to us outgrowing our Gosport Office. The move to our new 1000 Lakeside Head Office in Portsmouth sees us relocate to a 5,500 sq. ft. space, which is more than twice the size of the old office. The move is a demonstration of our commitment to maintaining the pace of growth and also to providing a modern and high quality work environment.

The recent announcement of our Poundland contract marks an extremely exciting time for the business and is evidence of our growth strategy continuing to deliver and the market opportunity that exists. Poundland is one of the recent high street success stories and they are committed to mirroring this success at the back of store. Our experience in the retail sector, ability to optimise cost efficiencies, deliver innovative and practical solutions and commitment to high quality service gives them the confidence to work with us to leverage these commercial and environmental benefits.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation was once again recognised when we won the ‘Waste management initiative in the commercial and public sector’ at the Awards for Excellence and were shortlisted for the MRW awards for our work with M&S. It is always great to receive market recognition for our work and I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication in delivering this contract to such a sustained high standard.

Businesses that are at the forefront of thinking and aim to lead markets rather than follow are often the businesses that are able to realise the commercial benefits that this evolution presents. We are committed to supporting the development of more circular models in the retail sector. To this end, we will be running a series of thought leadership events in conjunction with the team at Resource. The first event in the series, entitled ‘Closing the Loop in the Retail Sector’, will take place early next year. The event will bring together like-minded professionals from the retail sector dedicated to developing more circular business models.

The topic of the seminar is an important one as it directly affects our business. We are no longer a waste manager driven solely by the need to dispose of waste as cheaply as possible for our clients. Of equal importance has now become the need for clients to achieve resource security in order to ensure their long-term ability to continue trading. Resource scarcity will continue to mean increased costs, which can only be controlled by the incorporation of increased levels of secondary material in to manufacturing processes. So, whilst we must never lose sight of the need to offer value, we need to change our mind-set from waste to resource managers.

I will explore some of these subjects in more detail in future blogs, which I will publish every other month. In between times, we will invite others from across the business to write and post blogs and we also hope to include thought and comment from our customers, suppliers and other partners. We will announce new postings on Twitter, so why not give us a follow!

I hope you find the Helistrat blog spot interesting and if you have any comments or suggestions for topics we should cover please email them to my personal email