Non-Compliance Will Cost You Your Reputation

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Sustainability, ethical trading and social responsibility is at the forefront of consumers’ minds. A sustainable business means more than just financial success. Value is measured on non-tangibles too such as your brand.

For many years enforcement on waste crime has been poor. As a result, a minority of operators saw this as an opportunity to make some quick cash, unfortunately at the expense of those requiring waste removal services and legitimate waste suppliers.  These illegal operators not only risk business’ their money but also their reputation.

Last week, Lets Recycle posted a story on how the DVSA and Environment Agency are cracking down in a bid to reduce and disrupt waste crime. In my eyes this could not have come soon enough. It is thought that this criminal activity is costing businesses and taxpayers in the region of £1 billion per annum.

The Impact

I see examples of companies who are failing to comply with the law or running inadequate operations from a H&S perspective. The result, at the extreme end, is fatalities occur and fines up to hundreds of thousands are issued. The bigger, longer term consequence of not carrying out appropriate checks on your waste operators and service partners is the impact it has to your brand. As a business seeking services, you may assume that the responsibility lies with the waste carrier. In fact, the waste producer has responsibility to ensure all waste is treated and handled in a responsible way.

Compliance Auditing

Helistrat work with 100 plus tier one suppliers, ranging from independents to nationals. Managing the legal and environmental compliance of these requires a robust operation. This consists of on the ground facility auditing and background inspections as well as desktop licence and permit checking. Tier one means immediate suppliers. In addition to this we also audit our tier two and three suppliers (suppliers of our suppliers). To maintain our (and our customers’) integrity and peace of mind, we obtain full transparency of the journey and destination of all resources that we manage. If our supplier passes materials on to another facility, we know what they intend to (and actually do) with these materials – ensuring they follow a compliant process both legally and environmentally.

As a final point I would say that there are few grey areas when it comes to legal and environmental compliance. If you believe that you manage your resources in an ethical and responsible way, then prove it. Get the evidence and maintain the scrutiny. At the end of the day ignorance is no defence when something goes wrong.

Are you Compliant?

Non-compliance will damage your brand. Speak to us today, we can give you confidence that your supply chain is audited and complaint.