Helistrat Helps Local RSPCA Transform Its Processes and Create a More Sustainable Environment

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Leading sustainability management consultancy, Helistrat, donated a number of laptops to local RSPCA Solent Branch, the Stubbington Ark.

Giving back to the community plays an important role within the culture at Helistrat. We actively support local charities and have recently donated  a number of pre-owned laptops to the Stubbington Ark.

 The Stubbington Ark currently use a system that generates copious amounts of paper work and filing that line the walls behind their reception area. The addition of laptops will transform and quicken their reception and adoption processes and allow them to maintain a secure database while creating a more sustainable environment by reducing their paper usage.

 The staff and volunteers at the facility will be able to spend more time caring for the animals and raising awareness while promoting a 21st Century way of thinking and working.

 About the Stubbington Ark

 The Ark receive over 145 calls a day and each year take in over 6,000 animals. At present they have over 140 dogs and nearly 150 cats looking for new homes. There is also a multitude of other pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and birds that they try to re-home and wildlife they try to help. The Stubbington Ark are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and are self-funded, being primarily responsible for raising funds locally, they operate autonomously from the central charity, whilst still following national guidelines.

 If you would like to support or volunteer, please visit their website below: 

The Stubbington Ark