Our View Point on Plastics

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The plastics market is experiencing commercial instability and increased scrutiny from media and consumers.

We would like to take the opportunity to share our ‘Point of View on Plastics’ report that explores socio-cultural factors surrounding the material, the effects of regulation change and recommendations for next steps to help mitigate risk and safeguard your business in the future.

While initially working towards January 1st, China has extended this drop date to March 1st; however, the impact has already been felt across the industry and through the media over the last six months. It won’t be long before the annual price review takes effect. In order to minimise the increases, it is essential that we work together to reduce the longer term impact of these changes.

Helistrat are experienced in designing and developing sustainable resource strategies and bespoke blueprints that design-out waste to deliver long term cost benefit. If you are interested in exploring this in more detail please get in contact.