Avoid Appearing Plastic on Sustainability

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Awareness of the issues associated with plastic waste are at an all-time high. As a result, those of us tasked with improving sustainability and environmental performance will never have a better opportunity to present our case to a more receptive audience.

Waste has arguably never been so high up the corporate agenda and there is a broad recognition that businesses need to take action to protect their brand. It’s amazing what a little ‘fear’ of alienating the customer can do. More proactive and forward-looking businesses will also see this as opportunity to realise some genuine commercial, social and environmental value.

The high level of activity on both social and traditional media has resulted in a number of global brands starting to take action. Adidas, for example, have stated their commitment to eliminate virgin plastic from their shoes and have set a goal to produce one million pairs of UltraBoost trainers, using ocean waste plastic, this year.

At this point we should add a note of caution. In the same way that we should be wary about letting the media dictate our environmental priorities, we must ensure that whatever action we take as a result is strategic and designed to bring about credible and sustainable change. It is easy to be led into a ‘knee jerk’ reaction, which whilst servicing the need to be seen to be doing something does little more than act as a sticking plaster.

Helistrat works with a number of the UK’s best-known brands to develop practical and cost-effective sustainability strategies, which impact throughout a business’s entire sphere of influence to add value. This enables our clients to become more resource efficient not only in their own processes but also to engage a supply chain that is aligned to their ambition. Wherever possible we look to develop increasingly circular models that feed valuable secondary resources directly back in to suppliers, securing their raw materials of the future.

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