Spotlight on: Hospitality

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The UK hospitality sector saw unprecedented growth in 2017 spurred by a stabilising global economy and the effects of Brexit. The weakened pound encouraged more international tourists to visit the UK coupled with domestic economic fears prompting more Britons to vacation locally. In their 2018 Hospitality Forecast, PWC anticipates that although 2017 growth levels won’t maintain, the sector will continue to per form strongly in 2018.

As with any industry, greater growth typically means more resources consumed and increased volumes of waste produced. At the same time, companies are increasingly challenged to remain competitive, save money and grow brand profile. Set within a con text of Brexit’s economic uncertainty, this could seem like a tall task.

At Helistrat, we see opportunity.

The following report provides an overview of the current landscape, the direction Helistrat is taking this year, the associated opportunities and challenges and how Helistrat can help companies navigate their energy from waste options.