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The Truth about Single Use Plastics and the Next Best Thing

Is it better to continue using plastic or switch to an alternative material such as one that is compostable?

Single use plastics remains a hot topic in the industry as well as with consumers. We are now waking up to the scary realisation that our oceans are heavily polluted with our discarded materials and discussion is moving to what solutions are out there to fix and prevent further damage. The majority are heading straight for compostable and biodegradable replacements, but the question is – are these the next best thing akin to applying a band aid over an open wound?.

With so much white noise around the topic, everybody is looking to make some quick wins by swapping single use plastics and take away coffee cups for a more sustainable alternative.  The negative attention around plastics and the pollution problem we have is demonising the material, and rightly so when specific types of plastic are used for certain applications (e.g. mixed polymer plastic used for a single use package). What is important to remember however, is that plastic still firmly has its part to play when selected and used strategically and sustainably …

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