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The education sector is uniquely positioned to embed and activate sustainable principles and practices. Sustainability issues are no longer seen as global challenges left for governments and multinational brands to tackle. In the homes and daily lives of citizens around the world, there is an increased interest in how people can make a difference in their own way – from cutting back on coffee cups, to choosing to shop at ‘responsible retailers’, to where they choose to work and whether their employer matches their values. In no generation is this more evident than with Generation Z – the young people who are now in school.

For the education sector, sustainability is a process for learning how to make decisions that consider the long term future of the economy, ecology and equity of all communities. This is something that should be demonstrated at a teaching level for new generations to learn as well as for facilities in which they operate. Taking action on sustainability also provides an important differentiator for schools and academies – it can help attract teaching talent, raise a school’s profile, and further embed it in its community as a force for good.

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