Helistrat Host Office Amnesty to Tackle Plastic Waste

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As a business situated within Portsmouth’s Lakeside North Harbour Business Campus, Helistrat saw an opportunity to highlight, and help improve, the environmental performance of the site by tackling the unnecessary use of plastic and other single use materials.

On Thursday 15th November we hosted a ‘Plastic Amnesty’ where we collected plastic bottles in the Atrium of 1000 Lakeside. These were then turned into an abstract piece of art by local artist Splodge Designs. The Helistrat team were also on-hand to help raise awareness about single use plastic and the damaging effects that this and waste associated with a throw-away culture can have on the environment and on a business’ bottom line.

We were supported by Imagistic who created a fantastic pledge board that most definitely provided other businesses in Lakeside with inspiration and ideas on how to cut back on plastic. Eco-friendly vendors and campaigners also joined us selling sustainable alternatives. These included The Final Straw Solent, See Bin Sea Change, Starbucks, The Atrium Café, Any Green Will Do, Eco Freaks Emporium, Nikken and the Repair Café.

Alison Jenkins, Head of Marketing at Helistrat said:

“As a business whose mission is to design out global waste, one brand at a time, we needed to practice what we preach by targeting the environment in which we operate. We achieve recycling levels of over 90% for some of our customers so can definitely help to make a difference here. This event is a fantastic example of how we engage stakeholders to get them involved and take ownership of the waste they produce”.

Karen Tyrrell, Client & Communications Manager at Lakeside North Harbour comments:

”We are committed to continually raising Occupier awareness of how they can improve their waste recycling practices and were thrilled to have been able to support Helistrat in this initiative. #OfficesWithoutPlastic will be a continuing message and we look forward to hosting more #PlasticAmnesty events in the future.”

Giant Leap Photography supported with the photos and video and Hippo Waste kindly donated the collection bag and on the day support.