Ann Summers is an iconic multi-channel retailer with 138 stores, as well as a party plan network hosting over 7,000 parties each week across the UK. They have been working with Helistrat since 2011 on a range of on-site waste management programmes and cleaning projects.

The Challenge

With a Head Office in Surrey, this project involved conducting a comprehensive deep clean and clear-out of the entire building without disruption to staff.

The Solution

Having understood all the issues and requirements, we established and agreed on a two-stage plan.

Firstly, a week before the initial clean started, we provided new recycling bins for all redundant paperwork (including secure paper bins) and bins for non-recyclable materials, allowing time for all the office staff to dispose of paperwork and unnecessary items.

We then underwent a methodical process for the deep clean, starting on the top floor and working down, which took place by the nominated contractor over consecutive weekends during a two-month period. This allowed for the completion of the disruptive work out of office hours, minimising impact on the staff.

The Outcome

The client has subsequently altered the cleaning specification for the offices and increased the spend on regular cleaning to keep up with the new standards.

There has also been a marked improvement in the attitude of the office staff towards keeping their individual and shared spaces clean, tidy and free from clutter.

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