Ann Summers is an iconic multi-channel retailer with 138 stores, as well as a party plan network hosting over 7,000 parties each week across the UK. They have been working with Helistrat since 2011 on a range of on-site waste management programmes and cleaning projects.

The Challenge

Ann Summers decided to undergo a comprehensive deep clean of their warehouse facilities in Surrey. The area covers two large ground floor warehouse units, as well as two additional smaller spaces across the first and second floors.

The challenge was to devise and undertake a programme that would not impact on the essential day-to-day operational duties being carried out in these busy work areas.

The Solution

Consulting with the client and our nominated cleaning contractor, we were able to provide a structured plan and cleaning programme to provide the required level of cleanliness, while not impacting on the site’s operations.

The outcome was to agree timed periods of overnight cleaning where the warehouses had the lowest traffic, making the space more amenable for heavy-duty cleaning machinery and a small but experienced team to undertake the task in hand.

The work was carried out across four nights with one of our Customer Service Representatives on-site to initially observe and be on hand for any unexpected issues.

The Outcome

The cleaning was completed within the allocated time without issue and the client was impressed with the results, especially with the appearance of the flooring and racking across the warehouses.

The positive attitude of the staff towards the new levels of warehouse cleanliness has also seen them make a continued effort to maintain the standards in their day-to-day operations.

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