Ravensale is a property management company running the Wembley Commercial Centre in North West London. Covering 160,000 sq. ft., the centre provides commercial, industrial and office space to over 80 businesses ranging from online retailers, food suppliers to the airline industry, retail outlets, clothing wholesalers and manufacturers. It also lets self-access storage units under the trading name of Apex Self Access Storage.

The Challenge

With such a diverse range of businesses working across the Centre, Ravensale appointed Helistrat to analyse, design and manage an effective waste management solution that is legally and environmentally compliant to cover the diverse range of tenants.

The challenge was to replace an existing system that had a high proportion of material sent to landfill, sometimes without the required paperwork. The service needed was one that would increase recycling rates, all the while controlling the compliance of the waste handling and associated costs for Ravensale and their tenants.

The Solution

The legal compliance of the operation was poorly managed, leaving the client exposed to risk. A full audit was carried out to ensure all the necessary paperwork and processes cold be set up. The result being complete assurance for the customer that the operation follows all legal requirements.

We provided a wide range of containers to allow for segregation of waste streams – from general waste for compacting, to large bulky waste to be skipped. The site also now segregates wood into a separate container, and we installed a baler for their large volumes of cardboard and soft, clear plastics. These materials earn rebates for the customer, reducing costs, improving levels of recycling and providing additional revenue to the business.

The Outcome

The solution has been extremely successful, as has the engagement with the client along every step of the way. This has resulted in general positive feedback, and the client has already renewed their contract.

Throughout the project, further waste segregation has been introduced as we analysed the regular waste streams being created, including WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and Mattresses. The client has also been incredibly proactive and is keen to introduce additional solutions to improve their waste segregation.

Moving forward, we have been set a challenge to help them further reduce general waste lifts and to look at cost saving alternatives for some of the collections, such as WEEE.

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