To promote a culture of quality within the company that includes an organisation-wide management and staff philosophy of continuous quality improvement (QI) in our programs and service delivery.


Helistrat will objectively, systematically, and continuously assess, assure, monitor, evaluate, and improve the quality of processes, activities, programs, and services provided to our clients. This requires establishing specific program goals, objectives and measures (performance indicators) and includes training staff in QI methods and tools.  To execute this policy, Helistrat has set the following commitments:

  • Foster a team approach.
  • Emphasise appropriate training for all employees.
  • Recognise each employee’s responsibility for quality.
  • Earn recognition of our quality process and progress.
  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
  • Develop and achieve Quality Improvement Goals.
  • Maintain our honesty and integrity by following our Code of Conduct.
  • Drive Quality Management System toward improving customer satisfaction.
  • Assist our customers with moving up the Waste Hierarchy, as well as promoting it internally.
  • Operate the business to the systems required by ISO 9001:2015.
  • Review and renew this Quality Policy on annual basis.

This policy is consistently communicated to and understood by all employees.

The management team meets regularly to review this policy and the supporting quality manual and systems documentation. All processes are reviewed to ensure they remain suitable and appropriate to the client, customer, employee and business needs of the organisation. From these reviews the company objectives are set and cascaded throughout the company gaining ownership and commitment from our employees. Progress against the objectives is regularly monitored and reviewed by the management team.