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Helping you address sustainability and waste management challenges begins with our consultants getting to know your people, processes, policies and operations – inside out, from top to bottom.

Our scalable, multi-phased audits serve to frame the challenges and identify initial opportunities.

These may be to reduce or eliminate disposal, ensure Zero Waste To Landfill, increase recycling, and to reduce the amount of waste produced in the first place.

Helistrat Process One - Auditing

Gauging waste

In assessing your end to end process, we look at what you produce, how you produce it, and the journey your products take – analysing the waste generated at every stage. We gauge how your waste is processed and managed, the compliance of your current processes, and the plans and policies that are in place to see where there are opportunities to become more sustainable – commercially, socially and environmentally.

The output from this audit is an insightful report identifying where the inefficiencies – and possible opportunities – for improvement lie.

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