Implementing your sustainability strategy

When it comes to implementing your sustainability strategy and embedding re-engineered processes, you’ll find we’re an excellent partner.

Effective implementation requires highly specific skills and experience, as well as resource availability, so if your operation is challenged on any of these fronts, you need look no further than Helistrat.

Our team of consultants acts as an in-house resource support, solving problems to deliver a sustainable solution. We provide all the support you require, pulling everything necessary together to effectively manage waste and recycling, and enable a seamless transition from old to new.

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Winning hearts and minds

While there is a natural focus on practical aspects of implementation during the delivery phase, engaging the hearts and minds of your people is equally crucial – it’s about ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing, just as much as the ‘what’.

We can introduce programmes to engage your teams and embed sustainable practices, steering company culture in a positive direction.

Ongoing, day to day managed services

We provide a clear point of contact so that you receive tailored, consistent support.

24/7 Help Desk

Our 24/7 Help Desk ensures you experience highly responsive service levels, day or night.

  • Knowledge and advice on systems and processes
  • Quick response times
  • Proactive escalation procedures for quick resolution
  • Call-logging and reporting for your operational efficiency

Reporting and Data Analysis

Quick, interactive, real-time reporting means you have full visibility of your operations. We can map all the information from our supply base to track waste streams to their final destinations or when they become a commodity. We provide in-depth analysis of your data for insights to:

  • Drive cost savings
  • Improve processes and identify new revenue streams
Helpdesk at Helistrat

Organic Supply Chain

Our approved supply chain can be mobilised on tight timelines to fulfil your developing requirements. Nothing remains static and the demands of modern business mean that service requirements are in a steady state of flux. Helistrat will ensure that incentives are aligned between you and our service partners so that we are all working to deliver common goals. Being able to utilise our supply base guarantees you access to a wider infrastructure with increased capacity and capability ensuring that your plans are not curtailed by your suppliers’ limitations.

Helistrat manage the evolving service requirement as we implement your strategy and in the process, remove all the contractual distractions that would normally frustrate desired progress. Having access to a broad and multi-faceted supply base without having to build an infrastructure to manage it, allows resources to be focussed where you really need them.

Supply Chain and Site Compliance Auditing

We can manage the entire supply chain on your behalf, maximising the flexibility to make contract improvements and savings. All your suppliers go through a rigorous and regularly reviewed validation process that ensures compliance, financial robustness and performance.

Our Supply Chain Team carry out physical audits to 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier facilities to check for permits, risk assessments and to ensure compliance with targets such as Zero To Landfill and recycling results. We track and audit all sites that come into contact with your waste, recording and monitoring all relevant documentation. Online searches are also carried out to highlight any negative news relating to our waste service providers, so we can act proactively to protect your brand reputation.

Importantly, you enjoy the benefit of a tightly managed competitive supply chain where performance is proactively managed and compliance is guaranteed with none of the restrictions or contractual distractions and administrative burden of managing a direct relationship in-house.

Helistrat Audit Chart


We optimise technology to deliver your required information, including:

  • Customer portals that provide online access to essential management information
  • Apps such as barcoding that tracks waste and contamination
  • On-site table devices that we use to carry out audits quickly and efficiently

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