Conventional facilities management contractors continue to build a proposition around an infrastructure of vehicles, plant and labour. As a result, what you get is their solution – delivered their way – whether it suits your business or not.

By working in partnership with you, rather than offering service level agreements, we design a solution that fits around the needs of your organisation.

Initially, we very often demonstrate quick wins from reduced costs. But more importantly, the flexibility of working with us offers a service that evolves with your business and uncovers many more opportunities.

Innovative Waste Management

Our approach ensures your business is ‘future-proofed’, benefiting from optimum performance throughout your supply chain. Imagine a reduction in packaging, shipping and storage costs and the resulting efficiencies and cost-savings they could deliver. Or, flexible contracts that suit seasonal adjustments to your trading rather than over-supply of service at certain times of the year. The innovation we deliver includes:

  • Waste tracking, bin sensor technology and remote waste monitoring
  • Closed loop recycling
  • Oil into biodiesel / Food into energy / Plastic into bags
  • Innovative, space saving recycling equipment, tailored to a businesses site requirements
  • Onsite audits available instantly electronically

Stakeholder Engagement

Recycling Poster
Site Talk about Waste Management
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Stakeholder engagement is essential throughout the process of discovery and delivery. Through marketing and team talks, we ensure all stakeholders involved in the waste process are aware of the new process. We also monitor performance throughout the contract and if particular sites are contaminating waste we re-engage to ensure the maximum opportunity to deliver 100% success.

Supplier Audits & Compliance

We are positioned to manage the entire supply chain on your behalf, which offers the most flexibility when it comes to making improvements and savings for the mutual benefit of the contract.

All suppliers working on your estate(s) will go through a rigorous validation process that ensures full compliance, financial robustness and performance, which is annually reviewed.

We have in excess of 300 fully audited suppliers which offers us access to a wider infrastructure with more innovation and broader capability. Where possible, we will seek smaller service providers to support with localisation and supporting smaller businesses.

Our Supply Chain Team carry out physical audits to 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier facilities to check for permits, risk assessments and to ensure compliance with targets such as zero to landfill and recycling results.

We also track and audit all sites that come into contact with our customers’ waste. sourcing Waste Carriers Licences, Insurances and Site Permits, using gap analysis to record and monitor documentation down to individual site level.

Searches online are also carried out to identify any negative – and potentially brand damaging – news relating to any of our waste service providers. Performance and costs would also be reviewed, which links in to the work we do around market monitoring for rebates.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Our data analysis cuts through the detail to provide you with the numbers that matter to you.

But, we also scrutinise the data looking for valuable insights to drive further cost savings, improve operational process and determine new revenue streams, including data gathered from your MI systems and your contractors.

This, combined with our monitoring and interrogation of processes, gives you full visibility of how efficient your processes are being managed, with quick, interactive, and real-time reporting also available.

ipad waste monitoring
  • Bespoke Customer Portals – Access online to essential management information with a combination of data from your own systems and contractors.
  • Barcoding to track waste and contaminations – Waste is scanned to identify location waste is received from then using the bar code device the waste is categorised by content, presentation and contamination.
  • Biometrics to monitor hours worked on contract – This helps to ensure that the person being ‘clocked in’ is in attendance.
  • Use of tablet devices on-site – Helps us carry-out audits for customers and on service providers quickly and efficiently.

Verification of Data

We are able to map all the information we have from our supply base to track waste streams to their final destination, or when they become a commodity. We cross reference this against the information being submitted by our supply base to verify and confirm that the waste has moved through a compliant process and through compliant sites and that the services being charged are the services that have been delivered.

We take care of operational efficiency, so you can concentrate on your core business strategy.

Help Desk

For highly responsive levels of service we are backed up by a 24/7 support-desk that supports our diverse customer base at any time of the day and night.

  • Dedicated and expert help desk support staff to offer knowledge and advice on systems and processes
  • Fast response (60 mins) to customer needs
  • Call-logging and reporting for your operational efficiency
  • Proactive escalation procedures for quick resolution, providing added value to Facilities and Site Managers

To find out more about how we successfully innovate with IT to empower our customers, contact us today.

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