Short and longer-term approaches

During the redesign stage, we can develop a robust sustainability strategy for your organisation.

The strategy will include bold but achievable improvement targets for both the short and longer-terms. The focus here is on waste and resources, with a view to reaching a circular economy (e.g. becoming zero waste by 2025).

Working with your teams, our consultants will demonstrate how waste/resource targets link to other mission-critical aspects of sustainability, including the carbon economy and social impacts.

Redesign your waste management programme

Arm yourself with a practical, achievable master plan

We provide guidance to help ensure that your company’s green agenda is in tune with wider sustainability practice. For example, we can work with you to understand and embed the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals into your sustainability strategy.

If you already have a corporate sustainability strategy, we’ll work with you to bring it to fruition. Our experts can interpret your strategic commitments, providing detailed blueprints and a clear roadmap to achieving the stated objectives. Often sustainability strategies commit to goals and deadlines that are years ahead, but without a defined path forward. We’ll make sure you’re armed with a practical, achievable master plan that sets you up for success.

Closed loop solutions

The best way to manage waste is to avoid creating it in the first place, and our waste minimisation and elimination programmes aim to do exactly that. We can analyse your existing waste streams and identify ways to prevent waste, introducing circular economy solutions and ‘designing out waste’ from your processes.

See case studies of real-world closed-loop solutions

By way of example, we can look for opportunities with our network of specialist partners to take current waste streams and repurpose them in to high-quality office furniture, such as desks and tables, or in to new textiles such as uniforms, tiles and more.

And, if your operation involves on-the-go consumables like coffee cups, carrier bags, cutlery, etc., we can evaluate and recommend sustainable alternatives tailored to your requirements and budget.

Continue your sustainability journey

Discuss your sustainability and waste management challenges with our consultants

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