Analysing and reporting on your current compliance and efficiency status is an integral part of identifying areas of improvement for your waste management programme.

Our comprehensive audits not only demonstrate how your organisation currently stands with regards to regulations and legislation at local, national and EU level; but will also highlight a pathway for improving efficiency and your compliance.

What’s more, our team have the experience and expertise to quickly understand potential issues and opportunities through our waste management audit process.

  • Indentify compliance issues
  • Root cause and trend analyses
  • Immediate and long-term corrective action recommendations
  • Development and critique of current audit programs and protocols.


There are many obvious business benefits towards understanding and better managing your waste supply chain, but, there is also the issue of compliance.

We will help guide you through the relevant legislation and corporate obligations your business must adhere to, offering you the opportunity to enhance your corporate social responsibility profile and minimise the risks associated with non-compliance to statutory regulations.

These include UK and European obligations when it comes to the storage, handling, treatment, transport and disposal of waste in the day-to-day operations of your business.

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