Closed loop recycling is a process where waste is collected, recycled and used to make new products.

We currently work with a number of organisations throughout the UK delivering and maintaining a closed loop philosophy throughout their business, leading them one step closer to achieving the aspirational circular economy model that starts with recycling.

With one eye on the future, forward-thinking businesses are leading the way when it comes to recycling and protecting natural resources for future generations, not only ticking a box for corporate responsibility but benefitting from the reduced costs associated with the closed-loop recycling model.

Helistrat Team

Managing The Closed Loop Model

For a closed loop recycling operation to be effective, all parties must work together including your customers and suppliers; your recycling partners and manufacturers and, most importantly, your internal team and stakeholders.

We help businesses design and manage effective closed loop programmes for their specific operations to deliver:

  • Cost savings and revenue creation
  • Improved service and performance
  • Reputation management
  • Environmental and legislative compliance
  • Stakeholder engagement

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